My name ist Felix Horak and I’m a self-made-photographer from Vienna (Austria). I’m in my mid twenties and have a masters degree in technical chemistry.
I’ve been using Pentax DSLRs for many years and all you see here on my page is a result of my self-tutoring.

Like probably most amateur photographers, I started with pets and friends. After a surprisingly short time I had my first booked nude shooting where I noticed: “I need more light!”.
Thanks to people like David Hobby (strobist.com) my start with flash-photography was much easier than expected.
Since then many years have passed and today you will most likely not find me wandering around without at least one flash. If you consider photography to be “drawing with light”, why not help out the light a bit here and there?

My main focus is people photography. I always try to get a connection to my models and to show a piece of their personality in my photos. So when you come to shoot with me, there will most likely be snacks and coffee waiting for you and we will sit for some time to talk over the photos we want to make. One of my recent passions is Cosplay-Photography, which mostly takes place on different conventions over the year.
I also shoot nude-photos, but for the time being there are special regulations for nude shootings:
1. I don’t shoot nudes with people I have not worked with before.
2. There will always have to be a planning-meeting before the day of the shooting.
3. Come prepared with ideas. “Hey, I want nice pictures of me naked.” is not enough. Sorry

I hope you like what you find on my page and if you have an idea you want to try out, I’m currently working on my Portfolio and have two open ears for models (m/f) looking for TfP-Shootings.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a mail via the homepage or contact me on facebook.